The ZEMĚ (EARTH) VENUE was created as a result of a long-term and sleepless observations of unstable nature and stable food. So what did our team come up with after a lot of endless minutes?
We are not eco-activists; however, we think that it is much more sensible to accumulate, for example, money or environmentally-friendly assets, rather than accumulating waste. EARTH is very important for us; if it does not exist, we won’t either. Therefore, we finally realized that we are in trouble.

We are looking for creative people who create values coming from THEMSELVES (Translator’s note: in Czech, ‘ZE MĚ’ means ‘coming from me’ and ‘ZEMĚ’ means Earth). We understand each other, I hope. We don’t want to play games, we just want to play. We want to play with words, food, butterflies, doggies, machines... We apologize, we got carried away. But we understand each other.

We go from where we came from and where we will return one day. That is from EARTH to EARTH. That is why we decided that it makes no sense to wander unnecessarily, miserably searching and endlessly longing for something. Anyway, it will all pass and poof, back to the EARTH. Therefore, we prefer to hole up and don’t come out. We like it that way. It is our fateful SPACE.

We are not excited by designer polyurethane; we believe that the right life emotions include putting your feet on a block of wood, standing in a bar corner still as a board, or being “deaf as a tree stump” (when useful). We are simply pieces of lumber in action, so don’t be mad that we are not 100% perfect. We write here that we like materials from the EARTH – wood, metals, bricks, clay, etc. And we have a problem with plastic straws.

We want to live and breathe, we love to dance and not sneeze. We love air, castles in the air, heads in clouds. We do not smoke. We do not forbid it for others, but we want to come home and smell nice. Try to enjoy a smoke-free evening, and you might enjoy a better appetite in the morning.
In addition to love and smiles, we would like to give you food. We search for who produces, pastures, grows, breeds, waters, crop dusts, or digs what, where, and how because it is important for us. These are gifts from the EARTH, and one day Earth will tell us bye-bye, I have no more, it ran out, tough world, bad luck, I will eat you now. You are only a handful of elements cast in water. So what… oh no, we are not trying to terrify anybody, we cook, and party, so rejoice, you might be in the EARTH already tonight.

Venue for rent for company events

Our ‘ZEMĚ’ is the perfect venue that can be modified to satisfy your ideas, conditions, and requirements. ‘ZEMĚ’ provides capacity for up to 300 people for company events.

If you would like to organize your company event, celebration, bash, or any party in ‘ZEMĚ’, please, reach out to us at the provided contacts, and we would be happy to give you all the details.